Tuesday, October 14, 2014

To Be Added

Berikut adalah tentang manga project yang sedang saya kerjakan, dengan judul yang belum ditentukan.


From the time before one know, human coexist with demon, angels, and other living beings, while some want the others to be gone from their world. But most human doesn’t know that such worlds are exist, hence the home they calls Earth is the only place they think for the living beings, with human rules on it.

The story evolves around Varth Shenon, one of the leader of Incvertus, Morikawa Izumi, Igarashi Rin, and Kawahara Chiyo, high school students. Izumi and Rin are on their way to a hospital to visit their friend, Chiyo, when they meet Varth, with these students not knowing what will happen that day to them, will changes their life.


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